501 Ranch – South Texas Hunting Ranch

Located on the southern cusp of the Hill Country River Region where it intersects Texas’s legendary “Golden Triangle,” the 501 Ranch and Lodge straddle two hospitable landscapes that attract a multitude of wildlife. Because of its diverse ecosystem, this area is internationally renown for its Boone and Crockett bucks, producing more per acre than all other Texas counties combined. Moreover, the National Audubon Society considers the region to be one of the best bird watching locations in the United States.

The pristine Nueces River runs through the scenic 501 Ranch property, supplemented by irrigated fields and a private lake, luring water fowl, wild boar, turkey, dove, quail and whitetail deer. The Nueces is one of several clear warm-water spring creeks in the Hill Country of Texas. In its upper reaches, the water is clear and cool.

Unlike spring trout creeks in the Rocky Mountains, the Nueces holds largemouth bass, smallmouth bass, and the native guadalupe bass, along with a variety of panfish such as redbreast sunfish, rock bass, green sunfish and Rio Grande perch. American Alligator Gar are also abundant in the Nueces River.

The Ultimate Hunting Experience

At the 501 Ranch, deer hunting and fishing opportunities are endless on our 12,000+ acres of land.  Whether it’s a Rio Grande turkey you desire, a bird hunt with friends, or a trophy axis deer, the 501 has it all.  Sitting in a blind or in a custom hunting vehicle on a cool evening watching the sun set after a successful hunt for that monster whitetail is a feeling you can’t understand unless you’ve been there.  The 501 is the ideal place to walk the native grasslands hoping to flush coveys of Bobwhite quail.  We have more to offer than just season hunts – year round stalking trophy axis deer and black buck antelope is a unique experience.

Enjoy our 6,000 square foot lodge in the evening with first class dining and great company.  Hunting story after story can be told on the stone patio looking over the lake after each meal while warming up by the fire pit.

We also offer our professional skeet range as an option during the day.  Have some friendly competition with your fellow hunters with 5-stand, skeet, or trap.  The 501 provides excellent bass fishing for those that want to fit a little extra in.  With our professional and friendly staff, you can be assured that your stay at the 501 will be full of memories that will last a lifetime.