South Texas Deer Hunting

Whitetail Deer Hunting
There is a place where the rolling hills of Texas meet the Nueces River bottom and then transform into prime South Texas brush country habitat. This place has a name, The 501 Ranch.

Located on the southern cusp of Hill Country River Region where it intersects Texas’s legendary “Golden Triangle,” the 501 Ranch and Lodge straddle two hospitable landscapes that attract a multitude of wildlife. Because of its diverse ecosystem, this area is internationally renown for its Boone and Crockett bucks, producing more per acre than all other Texas counties combined.

  • 130 to 210 Boone Crockett hunts available
  • Three day/ three night hunt
  • Lodging & meals included
  • Relax between morning/evening hunts with a skeet
    shoot or bass fishing
  • See hunting rates

More Than a Whitetail Hunt
The hunting opportunities are endless on the 12,000 acres of this ranch.  We have more to offer than just deer season hunts, year round stalking trophy axis deer and black buck antelope is a unique experience. Talk to us about predator hunting as well. Sitting in a blind or in a custom hunting vehicle on a cool evening watching the sun set after a successful hunt is a feeling you can’t understand unless you’ve been there.

Below is an episode from Wild TV Network (Part 1 and Part 2).
Continuing to hunt in the brush country of Texas with 501 Ranch, Ryan Cousineau goes after a monster whitetail and Mike goes after another big one.